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Lemonadoff is one of the biggest pouring beverages producers in Kazakhstan.

Lemonadoff has been established in 2005.

The main business stream is to produce pouring soft drinks.

Today the company’s products are well-known in almost all large cities of Kazakhstan. SALUTE, FUNCTIONAL and LEMONADOFF beverages can be found both in large supermarkets and so in small shops located “near home”. SLUSH is sold in popular cinemas, and pouring beverages in many cafés, restaurants, fast food stores, supermarkets and draught beer shops.

Excellent tastes of Lemonadoff beverages and their affordable price have won over Kazakh people.

Currently the Company holds strong positions in the Kazakhstan market and intending to enter foreign markets.

Lemonadoff trademark is registered in 15 Eurasian States and is well known outside of Kazakhstan.

In 2016, Lemonadoff introduced the Quality Management System under ST RK ISO 9001-2009 and the Food Safety Management System under ST RK ISO 22000-2005.

The introduction of a quality management system is aimed at the continuous improvement of product quality, customer satisfaction and the company’s efficiency.

Lemonadoff’ goal is to provide consumers with tasty, healthy and affordable beverages.

Our achievements are the merit of our partners and consumers who could see the value of Lemonadoff drinks and gave us their preference.